The purpose of our foundation is to rid East Portland of graffiti.

Our goal is to have a monthly Graffiti Clean in each of the 13 East Portland Neighborhoods, and to offer assistance to any group that would like to start an East Portland Graffiti Cleanup program of their own.

For information on how you can get involved in this effort, either contact us directly ( or click here for City of Portland reporting and prevention details.


Donna Dionne and Tom Barnes

"We'd love to have you on our team!"

Donna Dionne & Tom Barnes

Founders ~East Portland Graffiti Clean

May 4, 2015
Since Mark Wells, Crime Prevention Coordinator, was assigned to East Portland neighborhoods this last October, he has responded to neighbor complaints on 25-30 vacant houses with a varying degree of crime and livability problems. These homes are vacant because the owners have defaulted on their mortgage payments and the banks are in the process of foreclosing on the properties, which can take as long as five years. Many of the problems occur while the property is in limbo. More...
Oct 8, 2014
This is the time for leaves to fall. The most frequent cause of flooding in the streets is heavy rains washing leaves into the storm drains and clogging things up. More...
Jun 24, 2014
“Residents of East Portland have rated the job of City government lower than the city as a whole and all other neighborhood district areas in each of the twenty years that we have asked the question.” - East Portland: History of City Services Examined More...